Eduardo Da Silva

I would like to thank everyone at Strata Sports for their work in my transfer from Dinamo Zagreb to Arsenal Football Club.

Gary Johnson

Football Manager and Former Player
I've known Pat and Strata for the last 10 to 15 years, and in that time not only has Pat become a good friend but I've also become extremely confident of using the Strata network to identify quality players capable of playing at all levels of the game.

With such a wide network of contacts I’m always positive that when I’m looking to recruit a new player Strata will always have a list of talented players to choose from.

Dato Peter Velappan

General Secretary of the Asian Football Confederation (1978 to 2007)

Strata's relationship with AFC goes back to the late 1980s when I initiated an Intercontinental Championship where the continental Champions would play a Tournament. It is now the FIFA Confederation Cup. Tom & Kash came along to handle the marketing and TV of this event hosted by Saudi Arabia in Riyadh I 1990. Since then AFC & I had the pleasure of working with Kash in particular when he ventured into Asia to bring foreign teams to play in Asian countries. Thereafter Kash spent some time in Vietnam to improve the National League. He is well liked in Asia for his humility and integrity as well as his professional management of marketing and TV rights.

Jim Jefferies

Football Manager and Former Player
Having worked with Pat on a number of occasions I know that I can trust the way in which he and everyone at Strata work.

I have no problem recommending other Managers, Clubs, or Players use the range of services provided by Strata. The professionalism that they bring to all aspects of the modern game is something that differentiates them from others in the industry today.

Seth Nana Ofori-Twumasi

I've had agents before, but as soon as I met the Strata team it was different, it was like family.

George Donis

Football Manager and Former Player
Strata were the agents who brought me to England as a player (Blackburn Rovers FC) so I have seen firsthand all of the work that they do for their athletes behind the scenes.

Now as a manager (Larissa FC, Atromistos FC) I know that Strata always recommend quality. They understand that although football is a global game it is played differently in different countries, they don’t just send me any player they send me the right player.

Windsor John

Executive Director AFC and FIFA Consultant
Strata is a name which has become synonymous with Asian football over the past 30 years. During that time they have been involved with helping to improve football in Asia from grass roots and football academies to international tournaments.

Having worked with Strata & Kash (A B Kashmiri) Managing Director on a number of projects I have personally seen the good work that Strata has done for football in Asia.

Abdul Osman

With Strata behind me I know that all I need to concentrate on is getting on the field and playing my football, everything else is taken care of.

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